25th February 2009: Resolvr Updated.

An update to the Resolvr Zeroconf framework for Symbian OS has been released. The version 0.9 release is primarily a bugfix update, incorporating a small number of stability and performance enhancements.

Using Zeroconf technology developers can dramatically simplify and improve the user experience in a networked applications, reducing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The Resolvr Zeroconf framework makes it trivial to add Zeroconf functionality to any Symbian OS application.

Zeroconf networking (also known as Bonjour by Apple) is already used by any hundreds of applications on the desktop. By using Resolvr, your application can gain instant interoperability with a large number of prexisting desktop client applications.

To learn more about what Zeroconf is and how it can help to improve usability in your applications, please read our Zeroconf white paper (PDF).

To get the Resolvr SDK and to learn how to integrate Resolvr in to your own applications, read our Resolvr developer support site.

resolvr: zeroconf for Symbian OS

pdf - zeroconf whitepaper Read the Zeroconf white paper.
download - Resolvr SDK Download the Resolvr 0.9 SDK.